Ballet Barre: = Ballet Equipment: Small, Medium & Large Metal Barres

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DANCE / BALLET PRACTICE EQUIPMENT! This metal ballet barre is available in three sizes and has an adjustable height mechanism to suit each dancer. The barre is made from high strength steel encouraging long term durability: e.g. resistant to chips and scratches. The product has rust protection too. Powder coated with an advanced industrial finish to give the product a high-end look and visual appeal. These metal ballet barres can be easily transported from room to room or by vehicle, allowing for supreme convenience of dance practice ̸ ballet practice, whether at home, in the studio, or at dance competitions. Harness your true talent and optimize your performance with this convenient barre essential for practicing ballet. Ensure that you are stage ready, with this adaptable meta ballet barre ideal for a range of ages, size, abilities, and settings.

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Approx. Ballet Barre Sizes:
Small Barre: 4 ft. with adjustable height or 1.22 Metres High: $200.00 CDN

Medium Barre: 6 ft. with adjustable heigh or 1.82 Metres Hight: $250.00 CDN

Large Barre: 8 ft. with adjustable height or 2.44 Metres High: $289.00 CDN

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