Metal Wall Art Leash Holder: Buy this laser cut paw print design with the hanger hooks

Leash Holder: Wall-mounted Leash Holders With 3 Hooks, Dog Paw Design

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Dog Leash Holder: Metal Wall Art For Dog Lovers! Treat yourself and your pet dog and or dogs to a unique and handmade leash holder. The elegant and modern metal art design serves a practical purpose with the 3 hooks designed to hold leashes of varying sizes. The metal paw print is laser cut to maximize detail and increase the character of the piece while the product is also powder coated to further add to the stylish visual appeal. The meta x l wall art piece also has an industrial coating to further provide ultimate durability in terms of rust protection and resistance to chips and scratches. The wall-mounted design makes installation simple, and is made to hold heavy items such as bags and coats. This metal art leash holder makes the perfect gift for any occasion or can be a great addition to a home entranceway, mudroom, or patio or commercially in a dog care. Buy metal art online here!

Approx. Size: 5 inches x 7.5 inches or just under 12 and three-quarter centimetres x just over 19 centimetres. - Hook extends approx. 3.5 inches from the wall or just under 9 centimetres.

Practical Art also manufactures and offers for sale a Dog Memorial Metal Wall Art c/w Solar Light. to help celebrate the life of a past dog.

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