Small Dragonfly Solar Light: Metal Art Dragonflies For Fences or Walls

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Wall-mounted Metal Art Dragonflies! Add a topical accent and some fun to the interior and exterior decor ̸ décor of offices, other workplaces and homes including chalets, cottages and other recreational properties. Designed with superior craftsmanship each of the solar light metal dragonflies has their advanced industrial coating applied to ensure full rust protection and scratch-resistance. Elegant and timeless in design and character these garden ornaments are superb to to place by entrances, along pathways, by patios, around decks or anywhere work / home decor is needed. The quality automotive paint gleans during the daylight hours and glows in the dark at night owing to the attached high output solar-powered LED light. These beautiful metal bugs can be easily mounted to walls, decks and fences. 

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Approx. Size: 6 inches x 6 inches x 3 inches