Hair Straightener a.k.a. Flat Iron, Curling Iron, And Hair Dryer Holder: Metal Wall Art

Hair Straightener a.k.a. Flat Iron, Curling Iron, And Hair Dryer Holder: Metal Wall Art

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Hair Appliance Holder: Metal Wall Art Vine With Three Holders: A hair straightener holder, curling iron holder and a hair dryer: Ideal for a beauty salon as well as for home Keep your make up area organized with this elegant styling tool caddy. With its urban wrought iron design, your hair appliances will always be accessible and look great when not in use. What sets this organizer apart from other hair appliance holders is the high performance clear powder coat finish that with the skilled craftsmanship produces a visually appealing finished functional products. With this metal wall decor having its rust protection coating and being resilient to chips and scratches  the wall-mounted holder is good for both indoor and door use. Able to withstand all types of weather they will keep the fixtures looking like like new for years. Not only does this holder look great, it will also protects you from accidentally burning your counter top and preventing fires caused by hot hair appliances. This makes a perfect gift for most anyone with hair (women, men and children alike) and who wants to add some flair to their grooming area, make-up area, powder room, bathroom; at home, at the office, in hotels and beauty salons. Warrants consideration in the Metal Wall Art For $49 CDN category.

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Approx. size: 10 inches x 12 inches or just under 25 and one-half centimetres  x just under 30 and one-half centimetres. Extends approx. 4 inches from wall or just over 10 centimetres.

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