Home Decor Metal Yard Art Hummingbird + Flower Between 2 Solar Lights Fence Decor For Walls, Posts + Pillars. Birthday/Housewarming Gift !

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Hummingbird By A Flower On A Vine Between Two Solar Lights! This decorative flower vine and hummingbird solar light metal wall art display is perfect for landscaping properties - no watering required. Even if you do the metal art will not rust owing to the rust protection coating that is applied. Powder coated to achieve the high-end elegant look this beautiful piece of metal art shines in the day with its high-quality automotive paint finish underneath and in the dark at night due to it's LED powered solar lights on either side. The interchangeable design allows one to customize the hummingbird and flower pieces. Choose from a variety of colours/colors to customize the wall mounted vine as desired. Choose to give as gifts; makes for an inexpensive gift whether as a housewarming gift or one for Birthdays, Christmas and other holiday gift-giving celebrations.

Approx. Size: 9 inches x 8 inches x 5 inches

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