Ladybug Flying / Wings Open: Metal Art Ladybugs On A Garden Stake

Ladybug Flying / Wings Open: Metal Art Ladybugs On A Garden Stake

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Metal Flying Ladybugs On A Garden Stake! This metal ladybug with wings open can add some fun accents to a yard or garden! Have one or many of these large handcrafted steel flying lady bugs to add a splash of color to a yard, colour to a garden or any creative area where it is wanted to decorate with indoor-outdoor ornaments. The metal art lady bug can be fastened to trees, the porch, a fence, or on the side of the house ̸ building. Designed with superior craftsmanship, each metal art ladybug is attached to a garden stake for easy planting and is finished with an advanced industrial coating that offers full rust protection. Perfect ornaments to decorate gardens, walkways or entrances with: As cute critters the metal art ladybugs can be easily placed in a range of exterior settings. An excellent gift idea that warrants consideration in the Gifts for $ 25 CDN category.

Approx Flying  Lady Bug Size: 7 inches x 7 inches x 5 inches or 17 and three-quarter centimetres x 17 and three-quarter centimetres x just under 12 and three-quarter centimetres.


If you are Shopping with US dollars: Practical Art makes an affordable gift idea even less expensive: Buy metal art online here and Save since the prices are in Canadian Currency

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