2 Large White Metal Flowers and an attached black and yellow hummingbird with 3 solar lights alight on a wrought iron vine that has hand-etched leaves on a garden stake planted in a garden beside a plant during night-time darkness.

Large Flowers And Hummingbird With Solar Lights On A Garden Stake

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2 Large Flowers And A Hummingbird With Solar Light On A Garden Stake: Interchangeable Metal Art Flowers For Exterior & Interior! This decorative floral arrangement on an ornamental vine with hummingbird and three solar lights is perfect for landscaping - no watering required. This beautiful piece of metal art, with its automotive paint, shines in the day and also at night due to its three solar-powered LED lights. The interchangeable design allows you to customize the metal art hummingbird and flowers. Choose from a variety of different colours / colors to customize large metal art garden vines. This 7 pc. metal art set has the garden stake design for easy planting. Each piece is powder coated, offering the ultimate durability and rust protection year round. This collection of metal art is the perfect addition to any garden and makes a great housewarming gift in the warrants consideration in the Gifts for $ 169 CDN category.

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Approx. Size: 50 inches x 25 inches or 127 centimetres x 63 and one-half centimetres.

Includes 1 Hummingbird, 1 Ornamental Vine, 2 Flowers and 3 Solar Lights

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