Large, Long, Metal Ant With Solar Light Home Decor For Walls & Fences: Housewarming Gift For All Yard Art Garden Decor Made By Practical Art

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Metal Art Bug Wall Decor = Metal Ant With Solar Light For Fences And Other Surfaces! This metal art ant handcrafted from steel is great to add some fun and unique accents to gardens; from backyards to balconies they can be fastened to trees, porches, fences, or the sides of houses/buildings. The solar-powered LED light shines brightly in the dark/at night, allowing this decorative piece to serve a practical function. Designed with superior craftsmanship, these metal art ants are finished with an advanced industrial coating that offers full rust protection making them great as garden ornaments in all weather. The powder coated finish provides a high-end look of style and elegance.

This ant can be the perfect addition to gardens, walkways or entrances and the cute critters can be placed in a range of exterior settings.

Approx. Size: 6 inches x 8 inches x 3 inches

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Materials: metal,steel,handcrafted,handmade,powder coat,solar light,LED light,iron,wrought iron,ball bearings,packaging,Canada,Ontario