Metal Cattail Free-Standing Design Or Garden Stake: Metal Bulrush, Handcrafted Metal Art, Interior Decor & Garden Ornament By Practical Art!

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Metal Cattail!/Metal Bulrush! One of Practical Art's most favourite/favorite and popular items. Also know as bulrushes, this piece is hand crafted from steel and powder coated for the ultimate in visual appearance. Quality grade steel is used and the metal wall art products are also resistant to chips, scratches and rust. The sleek and elegant design makes this piece the perfect addition to most any exterior and or interior decor setting. This modern and timeless product offers unique character that will be the feature of any home, garden, office and or place of business. What sets this piece apart is the care taken to ensure high quality craftsmanship. This is apparent in the hand etched leaves and powder coat finish. This piece is the perfect gift for any occasion, and it will be a great addition to any home.

When checking out, let us know in the comment box whether you are going to display your cattail in your home or your garden. We will then ship you the appropriate base. The interior base is a hardened steel flat plate. The exterior base utilizes a extra strong 8" four prong anchor to set the piece into the ground (or 20 and one-third centimetres).

Cattail height 5.5 feet or 1 2/3 metres high. The approx width depends on how far you bend the branches. In normal cases, the branches are stretched making the piece 20 inches wide or just over 50 and three-quarter centimetres.

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