Rose Jewelry Hook Metal Wall Art With 5 Hooks And Hand-etched Leaves

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Metal Rose Wall Art! An elegant rose on a stem hook design these metal roses with hooks are ideal to serve as a conventional wall-mounted jewelry holder making it great decor ̸ décor for a home or work setting. The decorative metal leaf vine that has been etched by hand is modern and timeless and the hooks are of quality steel thus maintaining good strength to serve the ultimate function: to hang things on. What sets this piece apart is the care taken in the workmanship and the clear powder coat finish allowing the unique character of the metal flower on a stem shine through. The powder coating also provides the durability features of being scratch-resistant and protection from rust meaning the metal holders, being protected from being damaged by water or moisture, can be placed in both interior and exterior settings. This wall mounted metal holder makes for perfect gifts: Mothers Day, Christmas, Valentines Day and other gift-giving occasions: e.g. a great gift that says I love you.

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Approx. Size: 7 inches x 6 inches  or just over 17 and three-quarter centimetres x just over 15 and one-quarter centimetres – Hooks extend approx. 3 inches from the wall or just over 7 and one-half centimetres.

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