Rose With A Solar Light On A Garden Stake: Valentine's Award

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Metal Rose = A flower that lasts forever! Give your special loved one a metal art flower on a garden stake c/w solar light. Make every day Valentine's day, Unlike fresh cut roses, this rose will last for years maintaining its beauty from the very first day you share it with a special person. 

Great Yard Art! Each of these metal art roses have a solar-powered LED light attached: It could be a gift for a loving wife, devoted husband, caring parents, a special companion or a close friend: Make a statement "you light up my life". 

The sleek and elegant design of this metal art rose with a solar light makes it the perfect addition to any garden or exterior planter. The decorative metal stem with ornate leaves extends to the garden stake. Modern and timeless these metal art roses will add beauty to any landscape while maintaining the ultimate function of bright light. What sets these metal art flowers decor ̸ décor apart is the care that is taken by the craftsperson when making the handcrafted pieces. The clear powder coat provides the shine and elegant stylish look to the finished product while terms of durability each metal art product is made to be scratch resistant with a rust protection coating applied, meaning this rose metal wall decor can be for inside and outside in all types of weather. A truly romantic gift that boasts a high output LED solar light ensuring that this Valentine's Day gift or this gift of love and appreciation with shine brightly and will remind them of just how much they mean to you.

Approx. Size: 12 inches tall x 7 inches x 3.5 inches or just under 30 and one-half centimetres x 17 and three-quarter centimetres x just under 9 centimetres.

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