Rose Solar Light

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Metal Rose Wall Decor The sleek and elegant design of this rose solar light makes it the perfect addition to any home exterior. The decorative metal leaf vine is modern and timeless while maintaining the ultimate function. What sets this piece apart is the care taken in the workmanship and the clear powder coat finish allowing the unique character to shine through. The powder coat also provides durability against scratching or rust, preventing the piece from being damaged by water or moisture. The vine will shine brightly due to its LED solar light, and the unique product can be easily mounted on trees, patios, or fences.

Approx. Size: 12 inches tall x 7 inches x 3.5 inches or just under 30 and one-half centimetres x 17 and three-quarter centimetres x just under 9 centimetres.

Materials: metal,steel,iron,Canadian,handmade,handcrafted,powder coat,automotive finish,paint,wrought iron,Canada,Ontario,packaging