Metal Yard Decor | Cat with Paws – a pet for Garden and Fence Wall Art with Solar Lights

Cat with Paws – a pet for Garden and Fence Metal Wall Décor with Solar Lights

Cat Solar light

We're sure you'll want to add this lovely little cat to your garden art collection! This hand-made, uniquely crafted metal art piece depicting a Cat face is created from purposely rusted steel, then coated in a clear powder coat achieving a truly unique, look. This metal cat can easily be placed on the top of a fence. The paws securely grab the fence making for quick installation by anyone and anywhere. Comes with a high output replaceable solar light.

Do you know? Or Our Factitionary!

Cats are an amazing species with many interesting facts about their body, especially their paws. Paws not only help them with stealthy, flawless hunting, but also function as part of their communication system and environmental sensors. Acting as grooming tools, they also provide shock absorption and help them regulate body temperature through perspiration! Research shows that male cats prefer to use their right paws, whereas females tend to go with the left.

Measurement and Dimensions

Cat - 5.5” x 5”

Light - 4” (high) x 2” (wide)



Cat - Handmade art from metal.

Light – Glass and Plastic  


Care and Protection

This metal art has an advanced clear powder coating applied to provide full rust protection and scratch-resistance. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth. You can display your lovely cat face holding your fence with little paws outside year round and be assured of its longevity.


Options for Customisation

The cat can be used as a standalone item as a garden or home wall décor. Or can be installed with the solar lights.



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