Guitar Holder: Wall Mounted Metal Art Guitar Holders

Guitar Holder: Wall Mounted Metal Art Guitar Holders

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Guitar Holders And Metal Wall Art! This decorative metal art guitar holder serves a practical function with convenient double hooks that are perfect for storing guitars. As wall mounted guitar holders they are perfect for entrance ways, music rooms, bedrooms and any other space to display a guitar or collection of guitars. Each of the guitar holders are finished with a powder coat and automotive finish, offering the best durability. As well, a soft plastic covering surrounds the metal arm hooks ensuring the guitar head and neck are protected from the steel. These guitar holders have the metal art depiction of an acoustic guitar which can be a perfect award or gift for guitar lovers: a great feature to add to any wall that offers a stunning and unique design to most any space. The Metal Art Guitar Holder also makes the perfect addition to a music studio for guitar players: The contemporary and practical design will be sure to please all singers, musicians, and artists. Excellent gift idea that and warrants consideration in the Guitar Holder for $ 29 CDN category.

If you are Shopping with US dollars: Practical Art makes an affordable gift idea even less expensive: Buy metal art online here and Save since the prices are in Canadian Currency.

Approx. Size Of Guitar Holders: 6 inches x 5 inches or just over 15 and one-quarter centimetres x just under 12 and three-quarter centimetres. Holder sits 6 inches from the wall or just over 15 and one-quarter centimetres.

Collection of wall-mounted Metal Art with a Music-theme
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