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Practical Art was founded as a company with a desire to create metal artwork which was suitable for practical use, but with an artistic flair. Hence the name!

More than 30 years after its founding, Practical Art has evolved to offer a new line of products with the same integrity and quality that they’ve always prided themselves on. They’ve also begun to take on large scale commercial projects and have focused on creating customised signage. 

Since 1992, Practical Art has expanded and now employs a talented team of office workers, welders, retail specialists, and web designers. They continue to pride themselves on being a fully Canadian business that services local communities. 

All of their metal artwork is made with quality twelve gauge steel and powder coated to resist the harshest of Canadian weather. Each piece is also handpainted for a glossy, colourful finish. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

In May of 2023, they were thrilled to announce that they had purchased a new retail and manufacturing location just outside of Stratford, Ontario, and north of the Wildwood Conservation Area on Road 119. They celebrated their Grand Opening in August of 2023, and are open to the public from Monday to Saturday. 

Come and see why Practical Art has been a local favourite for more than 30 years!


In 1992, Practical Art began as a company that built custom furniture by Michael McNeil. When welder Steve Pietens joined the team, the pair began to focus on metal artwork. For almost a decade, their products were created entirely from recycled wheel rim slugs from the Acride company in London, Ontario. Some of their original creations are still on display in the store. 

As demand for their products grew, the Practical Art team would begin to travel across both Canada and the United States to hundreds of trade and craft shows. Many regulars look forward to their yearly appearances at Kempenfest, Art In The Park Windsor, and Sunfest. They also set up shop at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market in Waterloo, Ontario, where they continue to sell their goods.

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