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Commercial Logo
Custom Letters
Custom Signs
Custom Birds
interior wall art
Custom Bathroom Accessories
Commercial Logo
Both Display
Custom Towel Holder
Product Display
Custom Family Name
Custom Logo
custom metal birds
exterior wall art
laser cut lakes and maps
Personalized laser cut house number
Skull trivet any design available
Custom Metal Gates
Custom Pet Picture
Custom Branches
personalized family name
Large Metal Yard Art
Custom Flags
Stainless Steel house numbers
Custom Words
Any image personalized
Bathroom Accessories
Custom Signs
Commercial Logo
Garden hose holders

Do you have an idea for, or are you looking for a special, unique metal art work that doesn't currently exist? Here at Practical Art, we welcome the opportunity to help you design and/or build the custom art work you're envisioning.

Working with you, our design specialist can transform your ideas into unique and special works of art. From metal, customized sign boards to wall decoration or sculptures for your business, home, or garden we can create it.

Send us your idea by completing this form and we'll get back to you and transform your vision into reality.