Bottle Opener For Walls: Metal Beer Bug Wall-mounted Bottle Openers

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Metal Beetle Wall Art & Bottle Opener! Great for quickly opening beer bottles, pop bottles, alcohol-cooler bottles and other similar bottle-types. The beer bug aka: picnic beetle, or sap beetle are a common insect in Southern Ontario, specifically in Perth County. These beetles have a black shell that is covered in white spots and are no bigger than a finger nail. They are well known for showing up uninvited to backyard parties where beer and other alcoholic beverages are being enjoyed, and then diving in to the closest bottle they can find. This small beetle is what inspired the metal art Beer Bug Bottle Opener and is great for decks, fences, or by the bar area. The black powder coat finish protects the steel against scratches, chips and rust meaning the Beer Bug Bottle Openers can be left outside in all weather conditions. This Canadian-made wall-mounted metal art Bottle Opener makes the perfect gift for friends, family, weddings, Christmas and other holiday and gift-giving occasions or even for oneself. 

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Approx. Size: 6 inches x 4 inches x 4 inches