Leaf Hook: Metal Wall Art Hand-etched Leaves On A Vine W̸ith 4 Hooks !

Leaf Hook: Metal Wall Art Decorative Hand-etched Leaves On A Vine With 4 Hooks For Keys And Jewelry

Wall-mounted Metal Art Holders! Need a place to keep keys handy: By a front entrance? Or do you just need a decorative hook to hang items like jewelry in the bathroom? Then take a look at this lovely decorative metal art hook. The modern and timeless design offers superb visual appeal while serving a practical purpose of having hooks to hang items on. The vine is handcrafted from steel and finished with a powder coat offering superb rust protection and scratch-resistance. These metal hooks quickly make an area look that more special and makes the perfect gift for any occasion including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Recognition Awards & Recognition, Christmas and other gift-giving occasions.

If you are Shopping with US dollars: Practical Art makes an affordable gift idea even less expensive: Buy metal art online here and Save since the prices are in Canadian Currency. 

Approx. Size: 8inches x 7inches x 5inches - Sits approx. 3 inches from the wall.

Approx. Size: 8 inches x 7 inches  or just under 20 and one-third centimetres x just over 17 and three-quarter centimetres – Hooks extends approx. 3 inches from the wall or just over 7 and one-half centimetres.

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