Metal Butterfly Wall Hooks For Keys + Hooks For Jewelry. Housewarming

Metal Butterfly Wall Hooks For Keys + Hooks For Jewelry. Housewarming & Wedding Gift + Birthday Or Office/Home Decor Interior Wall Design!

Butterfly Metal Wall Art With Wrought Iron Hooks! Add some fun topical accents to the exterior and or interior of an office/place of work and or a home. Designed with superior craftsmanship each metal wall art holder is powder coated giving the finished products the high-end luxury look. In terms of durability the products are chip- and scratch resistant and have a coating applied to protect from rust, meaning that the metal wall art is good to use as yard art outside in all weather as well as to use as interior decor/décor. Offering superb character this metal butterfly design could fit well by an entryway to any entrance, bathroom, or around a patio deck area: Easily mounted to walls, fences, or decks the wrought iron hooks have been crafted to be a good fit to hang jewelry on as well as keys, badges, medals and the like. Very Practical Art!

Approx. Size: 7 inches x 7 inches x 4 inches

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Materials: steel,metal,powder coat,handcrafted,handmade,iron,wrought iron,ball bearings,fasteners,packaging,Canadian,Canada,Ontario
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