Metal Spider Home Decor Yard Art Garden Halloween Decoration Large Bla

Metal Spider Home Decor Yard Art Garden Halloween Decoration Large Black Metal Tarantula Wall Arachnid By Practical Art

Metal Spider Wall Art With Powder Coat Finish For High-end Luxurious Look! A Halloween must This cute critter is the perfect addition to any garden, deck, or entrance. This tarantula look-a-like metal art piece is handcrafted from solid steel ball bearings and 3/16 steel rod. Very chip- and scratch-resistant , complete with a rust protection coating: good to use as interior decor/décor and as an exterior garden ornament; good to use in all weather. This spider can be placed in a garden or mounted to fences, trees, or the side of a house/building/structure. The unique design will be sure to spark conversation, and it will offer fun loving character to any home. The eight-legged arachnid is perfect for all insect lovers and can be a great gift or addition to your own home and or cottage. Makes for a great Birthday Gift for $29CDN.

Approx. Size: 5 inches x 5 inches x 3 inches

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Materials: metal,steel,handcrafted,handmade,powder coat,Canadian,iron,fasteners,packaging,Canada,Ontario,wrought iron,ball bearings

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