Ornamental Vine Towel Hook: Wall-mounted Decorative Towel Hooks

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Bathroom Wall Art: Hand-etched Leaves On A Vine! These metal towel hooks: can add to bathroom decor / décor: As hand crafted wall-mounted fixtures the metal vine towel holders can be a perfect addition to a bathroom, by a swimming pool, in kitchens, outside barbecue areas, etc. The conventional sturdy hook will serve a practical function of being a wall-mounted hanger, while the eye catching superb design adds visual appeal. This unique ornamental vine is powder coated and finished with an automotive clear coating offering the ultimate durability (scratch-resistance and rust protection). This elegant, modern, and timeless piece of metal art makes the perfect gift.

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Approx. Size: 15 inches x 12 inches  or 38 centimetres x 30 and a half centimetres – Sits 11 inches from the wall or just under 28 centimetres.