Vine Candle Holder - Set of Two Wall-mounted Metal Art Candle Holders

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Candle Holders Metal Wall Art! This candle holder that is mounted to a wall or other flat surface can be the perfect addition for a range of interior or exterior settings. The handcrafted metal vines offer a timeless and unique accent to most any decor ̸ décor, home, office and or other spaces. As well, the glass holders for the candles allow for a deck, fence, or wall to glow brightly and safely, offering peaceful beauty day and night ̸ in the light and in the dark. The metal art is handmade to meet high quality craftsmanship standards and the clear powder coat offers durability and full rust protection. These unique metal art candle holders make a great addition to workplaces and homes alike. A superb gift idea. ON SALE !!!

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Approx. Size (Each): 6 inches wide x 14 inches high. Candle Holder Vine extends approx. 4.5 inches from the wall