Wall-mounted Metal Spider Sculpture For Walls Decor

Wall-mounted Metal Spider Sculpture: Large Metal Spiders For Fences And Walls | Halloween Decoration Ideas

Wall-mounted Metal Spider Sculpture.

Metal Art Spider; this creepy critter can be a perfect addition to a garden, around a deck, by an entrance or in any other creative space. Each metal art spider is handcrafted from steel and finished with a powder coat offering the ultimate durability and rust protection. These spiders can be placed in gardens or mounted as ornaments to fences, trees, or your house.

The unique design will be sure to spark conversation, and it will offer unique character to any home or work environment. The eight legged arachnid is perfect for all bug lovers, and can be a great novelty gift or as an addition to a house or building or property. 

Approx. Size: 5 inches x 5 inches x 3 inches



Metal Spider Sculpture - Handmade art from metal.

Care and Protection

This metal art has an advanced clear powder coating applied to provide full rust protection and scratch-resistance. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth and be assured of its longevity.


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