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Wine Bottle Holder: Metal Wall Art Bottle Holders Rack Within Vine

Wall-mounted Wine Racks! These metal wine racks hold two wine bottles of varying size. Handmade using high-grade steel each wine rack has a clear powder coat finish that exudes an elegant, modern, and timeless beauty. Durable as well, the powder coat protects against scratches and rust making it ideal for both exterior and interior applications.

This two bottle metal wine rack can be the perfect addition to a home, chalet, office, restaurant, etc. and also warrant consideration in the Gifts for under $40 CDN category:

Approx. size: 6.5 inches  high x 9.4 inches wide or 16 and one-half centimetres x just under 40 centimetres. Wine Bottle Holders extend approx. 4.5 inches from the wall or just under 11 and one-half centimetres.



Wine Bottle Holder - Handmade art from metal.

Care and Protection

This metal art has an advanced clear powder coating applied to provide full rust protection and scratch-resistance. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth and be assured of its longevity.


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