Five Flower Vine: Wall-mounted Ornamental Vines With 5 Flowers

Five Flower Vine: Wall-mounted Ornamental Vines With 5 Flowers

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Metal Flowers Wall Art: Decorative Metal Vines With Flowers! Metal Art Flowers on an ornamental vine are hand crafted from steel, painted using automotive paint and powder coated to ensure ultimate durability: e.g. scratch-resistance and rust protection. The interchangeable design allows choice of four colours ̸ colors of flowers: metallic, red, yellow, and white. What sets this piece apart is the care taken to ensure high quality craftsmanship which, for example, is apparent in the hand etched leaves and the aforementioned powder coat finish. This piece is the perfect addition to decks, fences, or exterior walls, and it will be a great addition to any home, office or other living space, containing a  wall décor ̸ wall decor space able to fit the large .six feet wide by four feet high metal flower presentation. Sleek and elegant this metal art Five Flowers On A Vine floral design is modern and timeless: Buy metal art online here!

Approx. Size: 36 inches x 56 inches or just under 91 and one-half centimetres x 142 and one-quarter centimetres. Total hanging distance from wall or fence is 4 inches or just over 10 centimetres.

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