Triple Flower Vine: Metal Wall Art Decor With Interchangeable Flowers!

Triple Flower Vine: Metal Wall Art Decor / Décor With Interchangeable Flowers

3 Flowers On An Ornamental Vine! This elegant wall-mounted metal flower vine is hand crafted from steel and has an advanced industrial coating for ultimate durability: scratch-resistance and rust protection, meaning these floral displays can serve both as exterior and interior decor / décor. The metal flowers are interchangeable with four different colours / colors to pick from: metallic, red, yellow, or white. When purchasing this metal floral display online just add what colour of flowers you would like in the Note Box found on the check-out page.

The sleek and elegant design with the ornamental vine’s hand-etched leaves makes this metal wall art a perfect addition to a home, office and other residential and commercial properties: e.g. homes, chalets, offices, hotel lobbies, etc. Modern and timeless this product offers unique character that will warrant consideration in the Gift Under $400 CDN category.

If you are Shopping with US dollars: Practical Art makes an affordable gift idea even less expensive: Buy metal art online here and Save since the prices are in Canadian Currency.

Approx. Size: 72 inches x 44 inches  or just under 183 centimetres x just under 111 and three-quarter centimetres – Total hanging distance from the wall is 3.5 inches or just under 9 centimetres

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